The Healing Power of Gratitude

Written by  Jaqueline Lapa Sussman, MS, LPC
Source Total Health

Recently, I was reminded of the power of gratitude by a synchronistic series of events that occurred when I reconnected with my closest childhood friend. We had been out of touch for forty years, and when, through a fortuitous set of circumstances, we found each other again she flew out to visit me at my home in Connecticut.

Reflections from a veteran nurse


Written by by Brenda Hutton RN

Greetings SNIG members,

I am Brenda Hutton, SNIG's communications ENO. I work as a casual staff nurse in a tertiary care psychiatric facility and work with clients with mental health problems including depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety or debilitating psychosis. I know many of these patients well as they have frequent and long-term admissions.