Life of a Nurse

The Staff Nurse Interest Group is for you as you work and/or learn about nursing at point of care. We see staff nurses contributing a great deal to our honourable profession and we also acknowledge how the challenges faced.

We are fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who know and understand the strengths and challenges of staff nurses.

We are an innovative group in a number of ways because our Executive meet annually to reflect and then develop goals for the membership year. Some of the deliverables we provide to members education specific to staff nurse issues and their knowledge needs i.e. webinar Self Care for Nurses. We have continued to post regularly to Facebook and Twitter, and publish newsletters on an ad hoc basis.

Finally we have our own scribe with a blog located at to inspire, challenge, and support you. Certainly our focus is on supporting staff nurses who practice at point of care directly with patients and their families, communities drawing on knowledge, leadership, caring and advocacy.

Thank you for your membership in our dynamic interest group and be sure to provide us with feedback at

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